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Pro Impex : Artinoise
Artinoise combineert functionaliteit met modern design

A good acoustic environment in for example offices, houses or restaurants is essential for our daily functioning.
In modern architecture usage of materials such as concrete, tiles, glass and the lack of soft materials in the interior creates a bad acoustic environment. Where reverberation times of 0.7 seconds are desirable 1.5 seconds is very common. As a result it’s getting difficult to communicate face to face or by phone. It’s not unusual that it results in physical complains.

Artinoise, designed in cooperation with Danish Vibeke Buchwaldt, is the perfect solution for implementing an acoustic product in a carefully designed home or office interior. These unique panels combine a superior acoustic foam with high quality materials. Usage of a sufficient amount of Artinoise will result in a 50% reduction of the reverberation time.           

The Artinoise collection consists of four types of panels:
Custom Art Wall, Custom Art NF, Metal Art, Baffle Deluxe & Ceiling Stage.
All available in standard sizes and colours or custom made.

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